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We're your global, research-based, multispecies animal productivity team.

At Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition we use science to unlock the power of nature to create solutions that optimize animal productivity. Our #ScienceHearted experts help troubleshoot challenges by translating science into an action plan designed to focus on Animals First. Productivity Always. 

Animal productivity starts here.

Poultry. Dairy. Beef. Swine. Productivity doesn't just happen. It takes the ideal combination of nutrition, management and on-farm support – a combination that helps you meet your animal's unmet nutritional needs. 

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We’re committed to meeting the unmet productivity needs of dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry and swine—and to supporting each of those industries every way we can.

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You take your work seriously and demand quality products, service and support. We’re committed to providing just that—every time.

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