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Prepare the immune system, help bypass health challenges.

With CELMANAX your cattle get a full dose of yeast culture plus the extra power of mannan-oligosaccharide and beta-glucans to help bind mycotoxins, improve health and maximize performance.


CELMANAX helps overcome various stressors during beef production, offering numerous benefits to animal health and performance that can help increase productivity.

  • Helps prepare the immune system so animals can respond quickly when presented with a challenge
  • Can help decrease medical costs, morbidity and mortality caused by bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in calves and by binding harmful pathogens such as E. coli
  • Helps enhance gains and feed efficiency

CELMANAX is available in three formulations to allow for a broad range of applications.

CELMANAX Tools & Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to the productivity of your animals, be sure to take advantage of these tools and resources.

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