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CELMANAX delivers numerous benefits that can help enhance performance and increase productivity. The revolutionary enzymatic hydrolysis process used to manufacture CELMANAX yields highly bioavailable Refined Functional Carbohydrates (RFC). With CELMANAX, your cattle get a full dose of yeast culture plus the extra power of mono- and oligosaccharides and beta glucans to help bind toxins and bacteria, support udder health and optimize production for a smoother, more productive life cycle journey.

  • Helps prepare the immune system ahead of a challenge so animals can respond quickly when challenged
  • Can help bind harmful bacteria and toxins, like salmonella or E. coli
  • Supports udder health
  • Can minimize the transfer of aflatoxins into milk
  • Supports rumen fermentation and digestion
  • Maintains consistent milk production and milk quality, even when heat and humidity rise

CELMANAX is available in dry, liquid and soluble concentrated powder (SCP) formulations to allow for a broad range of applications.

CELMANAX Tools & Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to the productivity of your animals, be sure to take advantage of these tools and resources.

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