Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition



Maintain high performance and feed efficiency.

A-MAX™ Yeast Culture will support your animals for many of the demands of growth, production and maintenance.

  • Delivers high levels of peptides, amino acids and vitamins for consistent growth and to optimize sow and piglet performance
  • Helps animals digest feed more efficiently
  • Helps animals maintain performance even when heat and humidity rise

Available in six formulations:

  • A-MAX Standard: Original formula that provides easy on-farm mixing
  • A-MAX Concentrate: 2x more concentrated than A-MAX Standard
  • A-MAX Xtra: 4x more concentrated than A-MAX Standard
  • A-MAX Ultra: 8x more concentrated than A-MAX Standard
  • A-MAX Liquid: Delivers the same benefits of dry yeast culture without a grain carrier
  • A-MAX SCP (Soluble Concentrated Powder): Most concentrated formulation; mixes easily
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